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Episode Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guides

About Episode Choose The Story of yours

All of us like to see a great romantic flick whether we love to admit it to others or perhaps not. Nevertheless, including the very best of movies have their very own flaws. Plus, actually most sort of us can be very mad at the characters that make dumb choices. In reality, a great deal of films and Tv shows have plots that revolve about senseless decisions of lead characters. Nevertheless, you do not have to suffer through identical issues for every love story.

Fortunately, you will find unique games that allow you to take control of the story yourself. Actually, we're far more than prepared to recommend games as Episode - Choose The Story of yours to folks who would like to have the reins of the storytelling and the own love stories of theirs. Nevertheless, whenever you start playing it, you are going to notice that you'll need to have the ability to work with certain Episode cheats. Nevertheless, more on that a little later.

Majority of individuals are much more than happy to stay passive observers and just watch movies and TV. Tshey are ready to suffer from the terrible decisions of the lead characters and allow it to be. Nevertheless, in case you're not one of those folks, you'll love playing Episode. Excellent original stories with a great deal of options for the player are offered by it.

The game came out in 2014, and in just 2 years since, it was actually one of the top grossing apps in the App Store. Not to point out that the partnerships of this game gave us incredible stories to go through. The first partnership of theirs was with Demi Lovato to create their story "Demi Lovato: Path to Fame." That was, of course , an excellent story, but not our favorite.

They went on to focus on a Mean Girls Episode story that everybody loves. You are able to have fun with it again and. Although actually influencing the story causes it to be even better, and of course, we all enjoy watching the film.

Nevertheless, the next story will be the one that checks all of the right boxes on the list of ours. In 2016, the partnership of theirs with Warner Brothers brought us the Pretty Little Liars. For that game they really had their teams create an entirely new design for the game. Which includes better lighting, backgrounds, and sound effects. Not to mention the story is quite Great.

Below mentioned are the key game currencies, which are needed to play the Episode: Choose Your Story game.


Gems are the primary game currency which is provided to players once they complete each episode. You are able to use Gems to be able to unlock exclusive stories and also can make use of them to purchase special outfits in the game. The simplest way in order to level up in the game is by using Gems and to get gems you are able to make use of our Episode Cheats, so it's crucial for you to have great deal of them.


Passes are another in game currency, that are needed to play successive episodes of the favorite stories of yours. Passes will be given to you if you play the very first episode of all of the games. Or, they are able to be received by completing specific tasks. Unlike Gems, they can't be used to buy other special items but they're equally important as you are able to advance in the game only in case you're able to play it with no waiting.

You are able to work tirelessly to be able to collect the necessary number of Gems and passes; but, this will demand a lot of time. You are able to purchase the necessary amounts of in game currencies right away from the game store with cash. If you're prepared to spend money and then make certain you scout for better deals to save some bucks. Better deals are offered on bigger currency bundles as compared to the smaller ones. Another alternative is usually to use Episode Choose Your Story Hack for generating infinite amount of Passes and gems. In the event that you would like to try the time consuming way to earn them then you need to work smartly to be able to develop game currencies.

Episode Choose Your Story Cheats, and Tips Guides

Episode - Choose The Story of yours to consist of controls that are easy but little hard gameplay. Thus, it's needed for the users to enjoy it by applying some effective and essential tips, strategies and tricks in it. The greater number of tips, strategies, and tricks you apply in the gameplay the better results you get. Below are some simple and useful strategies to earn currency in the game and about which all Episode players should know

Join with Facebook - It means that gamers have to link the game with the Facebook account of theirs. When we do this one can get a great deal of in game currency.

Participate and complete more events - The game provides plenty of classic and new events to its users. One should take entry in nearly each event and complete them properly on time. It helps them to get enough of in game currency.

Develop an innovative account or perhaps sign up - It refers to that players or gamers have to make a brand new account in the game or perhaps sign up in the game. It is going to provide them with all valuable rewards and a great deal of gems and passes.

Daily Challenges:

The game features daily challenges that you are able to finish in order to get rewards in the form of Gems and passes. Several of the challenges out there are; play 4 episodes in one day, unlock 3 stories, etc. These may easily be completed, so you have to try and complete these challenges on daily basis to be able to make most out of it. Along with these rewards, you also get a bonus reward if you successfully complete the allotted challenges on recurring days.

Free Passes:

You are able to receive 3 Passes every 4 hours in the game; but, in case you don't use them, they won't accumulate. Thus, you have to capitalize this feature by quickly using the Passes received, in order to obtain the highest amount of free Passes every day. Additionally you get Passes that are Free if you play a brand new story. These're rewarded to you so you are able to properly benefit from the start of the story that you're playing.

In case you make use of the above mentioned tips, you are going to have plenty of Gems and Passes to enjoy your favorite stories; if only some of them! The game is generating a lot of popularity among online gamers. Allow me to share several of the noteworthy features, which has made Episode game probably the most popular choice based games.

Character Customization:

Each time a story to play is chosen by you, you can develop a character from scratch. You are able to give the character of yours an identity by providing them a name as per the wish of yours. You are able to also change different characteristics of your playable character; like, skin tone, face, hair color, hair style, etc. The game makes you a master of your choices; but as soon as you finalize your character 's look, you can't change it.

Different Genres:

The game has classified its story collection into various genres so you are able to have fun with stories of the favorite genres of yours. The various genres for selection in the game are - Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Mystery, Hollywood, Romance, etc. Because of the simplicity in classification, you are able to pick your preferred story and enjoy it as per the frame of yours of mind.

Story Options:

You are able to have fun with more than 75,000 different stories on Episode game. These include both system-created and user-created stories. The collection of stories is increasing day-by-day as increasingly more stories are kept up to date in the game. Additionally, every story is divided into numerous episodes. As a result of this feature, much more content is added to favorite stories.

Popular Stories:

The favorite stories would be the most commonly played stories in the game. The majority of the famous stories in the game are in fact created by the game developers. Nevertheless, several of the user created stories are selected at the Editor's Pick as a result of their amazing content. Several of the trending stories in the game are Mean Girls Senior Year, Demi Lovato: Path to Fame, Falling for Dolan Twins, etc.

Easy Controls:

The settings of the game are easy as you've to pick a preferred option whenever you receive a prompt. Thanks to this, gamers of every age group is able to have fun with the game with ease. Nevertheless, the game strongly recommends the user of its to be a minimum of aged thirteen and above. When you receive a prompt, you've to properly read it and decide the choice of yours. Be cautious, as the selections you make are irreversible and could have a disastrous effect on the story.

Creators Corner:

The game allows you to be a creator of the own story of yours and also share it along with other players. When you upload the story of yours in the gaming database, you are able to have it limited to the friends of yours or perhaps select a group of individuals. Additionally, you are able to have it open to be played by most gamers. If you've prepared to produce a story, in that case check out the comprehensive training video that the game provides to writers. The training is going to make you understand the fundamentals of choice based mechanism, which the story has to offer.

Profile Creation:

You are able to create the online profile of yours by signing into the game with your social media account. When your profile is successfully created, you are able to stick to other players as well as see the interests of theirs. Others also can follow you and see the profile of yours. You are able to update the information of yours in the profile of yours; like, Favorite Place, Favorite Movie, and Favorite Celebrity in the game. You are able to update your profile avatar as well as recommend your favorite stories to the followers of yours.

Connecting Users:

The game connects different users with one another as you are able to access various social media pages of the game from the options menu. The forums page lets you ask your desired questions relating to the favorite stories of yours and similar would be answered by the development team. The games' social media page is going to help you to connect with large numbers of active players with whom you are able to talk about your favorite characters and stories. You are able to also learn from history experiences of various other players.

Game Help Page:

A link to their help page has been provided by the game. In this page, you are able to check out the frequently asked questions about the game. These questions might be related to stories, writer 's portal, writing and directing tips, and handbook to creating stories on mobile. If you've access to this feature, you won't ever be lost as all concerns will be answered promptly.

How you can Get Passes that are Free and Gems in Episode Lacking enough gems can be quite detrimental to the results of the story of yours. At some points in the game, you are going to end up being forced to spend two dollars worth of gems just to kiss the love interest of yours. To be good, they're not a must have at all times. You are able to still benefit from the story even without buying gems. Nevertheless, it's a pain to consider all of the options you cannot afford at the time. So, figuring out how you can get free gems in Episode suddenly turns into a priority. Fortunately, this Episode hack is going to do its magic and provide you with unlimited gems.

Passes will also be an important element of playing this game. Nevertheless, you do not get a great deal of those. In reality, you simply get around 3 passes after waiting for 4 hours. And that was not so dangerous before. Earlier, we'd passes for each story. Thus, when the passes of yours for the Mean Girls were out, you'd just play the Demi Lovato story.

Regrettably, you cannot do that anymore. This means that you are going to run out of passes very quickly, after which have to wait to relax. Obviously, the game allows you to buy precious minutes of fun with money that is real. And, the passes aren't very expensive per se. You are able to get 3 for a bit over a dollar. Nevertheless, you are going to need a great deal of them. Plus, in the end, this game might end up costing you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, we understand how to get passes that are free in Episode. Just use this online set and generator everything up.

How you can Get Passes that are Free and Gems in Episode There is a considerably more serious downside to this wonderfully fun app. You cannot get every feature at no cost, for some, you've to pay. You will find cases where fact that you do not wish to spend money that is real will influence the outcomes and the gameplay. Namely, the game calls for you to purchase passes and gems to access all the content. Usually, it's not too large of a problem. Nevertheless, there are circumstances in which it is able to truly hurt the wallet of yours.

Specifically, from time to time, the game is going to request for you to pay for many answers with gems. And those gems do not come cheap. To be exact, you will need to pay as many as 99.99 dollars for those gems. And, we think we are able to all agree you're probably not prepared to give up that much cash. We were not at all prepared to pay up. Thus, obviously, we took it upon ourselves to produce a very good Episode hack.

You should not download random files from the web in hopes of getting gems or perhaps passes that are free. You certainly should not give your account password to anyone. Thus, a reliable and safe site that generates resources online is the best choice of yours. Fortunately, you are in the correct place - our online generator is all of that, and much more. All you've to give to be able to get resources that are free is your game email or perhaps username for Episode cheats.

It's user-friendly, most importantly, and, free, simple, it works.


Episode - Choose Your Story is considered the most popular game these days. Users have to do much more hard work to become probably the best player of it. They require a massive quantity of currency to go long in it. The greater number of stories you unlock in the game, really currency you get. One must also unlock all stories and earn more currency by using Episode hack. It's the good and best option to play the game by getting all essential things quickly and easily.